Newborn Baby Photography

A beautiful new baby girl, Morgan, had her first photo shoot!  She's just 1 week old here and just beginning to discover the world between naps.   … [Read More...]


Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Beaches are some of my favorite places, I love how small gazing at the vastness of the ocean makes one feel.  Not to mention, it's loads of fun playing in the waves, snorkeling, boogie boarding, or … [Read More...]



Blue Reed – Modern Artwork for Home Decor

Sometimes I want a piece of art for a wall that is attractive, but isn’t a particular “thing.”  That is when I turn to modern abstract art pieces.  They can add color, texture and balance to a room’s walls that ties everything together completing the feel of a room.  This is a lovely piece that will […]


Reflection – Extra Large Abstract Artwork

I’ve recently completed a new abstract piece titled Reflection.  This piece  features colors of warm tan and white background, deep dark brown, olive green and teal blue green accents. For sale on Reflection . Extra Large 40×30 . Abstract Oil Painting . Original Artwork


Floral Expressions

My sister-in-law was sweet enough to give me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday which were so lovely I painted them!  I also experimented with painting on a black canvas, which I really loved the result of, the flowers really pop and it gives a contemporary feel to a very classic flower. Below, […]